The must-have products for B&Bs
in 2022

Expert guidance from P&G Professional on how to reassure guests with cleanliness concerns

As we head into spring, some businesses are showing signs of recovery after the outbreak of Covid-19 in early 2020, while some are still living on the
'knife's edge'.

Omicron still presents significant challenges to B&Bs and hotels. Last year, the FT reported businesses had been forced to limit bed linen changes and delay guest check-ins after an increase in demand for domestic travel and a chronic shortage of staff, reducing the confidence of visitors.

Some major hospitality companies have reported significant difficulties with outsourced linen and towel supplies, as laundries struggle to keep pace with tight turnaround times. There have been reports of general managers taking laundry home in order to keep to schedule.

Alongside this, the laundry industry itself is facing 'massive recruitment issues', with the BBC reporting in September that with 4,000 vacancies out of a workforce of 24,000, staff shortages pose a severe threat to the success of the hospitality industry.

While desire for domestic travel is still prevalent and skill shortages are expected to extend into other industries and last into 2023, it is important for businesses to be prepared and have access to products that are easy to use yet highly effective.

Fortunately, P&G Professional provides the answer from towels to tablecloths, bed linen or chef whites, always ensuring excellent results with no extra effort or time.

Two new products in the portfolio, namely Ariel Professional Laundry PODs and Lenor Professional Sensitive Fabric Conditioner, when used in combination, provide a 6-in-1 solution for all professional laundry needs: whiteness, stain removal, softness, freshness, linen care, and easy ironing.

Lenor Professional is environmentally conscious and is now made with plant-based softness* to provide soft laundry. What's more, it's dermatologically tested and accredited by the Skin Health Alliance, which eases business owners concerns as it is specifically designed with lower perfume levels to prevent irritation while providing subtly fragranced yet fabulously fresh sheets which provide home comforts.

As people are more conscious of hygiene these days than cost when choosing a venue according to P&G research*, P&G Professional ensures that dirty bed sheets will not be an issue for any businesses using its products with clean, soft and fresh fabrics ensured after every wash - making these products a must have for 2022.

In addition to this, when considering other useful products for an effective, streamlined, cleaning regime, P&G Professional is also home to trusted brands such as Flash Professional and Fairy Professional, which require only simple training, so don't waste any valuable time.

As part of its ongoing aim to help businesses thrive, P&G Professional offers business owners the opportunity to try the CleanPLUS Experience. This stamp of approval from P&G Professional's trusted household name brands - including Flash Professional, Fairy Professional and Ariel Professional - serves as a mark of assurance for guests.

B&Bs can prominently display the CleanPLUS Experience sticker - both physically and digitally - as a gold standard in hygiene, reassuring their customers that the establishment has been cleaned to the highest levels using known and trusted brands.

P&G Professional's trusted brands and products form the perfect line-up for a clean, safe and efficiently run B&B, helping businesses thrive despite the current industry challenges.

To find out more about the CleanPLUS Experience - from P&G Professional's trusted household name brands Fairy Professional, Flash Professional and Ariel Professional - including applying for complementary materials and signage, call 0800 716 854 or visit

*85% of ingredients contributing to Lenor's softness are plant-based.
**One Poll survey of 2,000 UK adults in August 2020