Why positive
online reviews are essential to maintaining a pristine reputation

Expert advice from P&G Professional on the importance of online reviews in securing a shining reputation

The digitalisation of the hospitality industry has resulted in a wide range of implications for the sector. One of the greatest impacts has come in the form of online reviews, and the power they now wield in encouraging or discouraging prospective guests. Although this may seem like an uncontrollable force, there are a couple of measures that B&Bs can take to better navigate the world of online reviews.

Firstly, B&Bs should view negative reviews as a chance to reflect, and improve current ways of working. Rather than viewing negative reviews as a failure, they can be a fantastic learning curve for further improvement.

However, more importantly, B&Bs must take proactive courses of action to create the best possible environment for their guests. Ensuring their establishments are appropriately clean and germ-free is the first step in encouraging positive online reviews. A clean and hygienic bedroom and bathroom is essential to keep guests happy, and has a significant impact on the possibility of future business.

P&G Professional, the away-from-home division of Procter & Gamble, offers a range of products that ensure an excellent level of hygiene is achieved upon first clean, making sure businesses get it right the first time. Trusted brands such as Flash Professional and Fairy Professional ensure an impeccable standard of cleaning, making sure that guests leave your establishment highly satisfied with their stay.