I inadvertently "unsubscribed" from the Association's regular emails, by clicking the "unsubscribe" link at the foot of an email - how to I opt back into receiving them?

If you clicked "unsubscribe" at the foot of one of our emails it means that, although you may be a member, you will not receive any further emails from the Association, including member passwords, links to the magazine, B&B Alerts, regulation updates or anything else.

Once your email address has been "unsubscribed" from Special Publishing's emailing system, we are unable to send any automatic emails to it (including newsletters) until you yourself "re-subscribe" to our emails - this is very simple and quick, and does not cost anything - just:

1) Click here - then simply type in the email address to be "resubscribed" in the "Register Now" box, and click "Register";

2) Then when you get to the Special Publishing/ B&B Association "Update your Special Publishing Profile" page, click "Submit".

3) Then you will be sent an email at the email address you want to resubscribe, which you need to respond to: simply click the "Update your profile" link in the email;

4) This will take you to the "Update Your Special Publishing Profile" page, where you should ensure the second option is clicked ("I wish to continue receiving occasional mailings based on my interests"), and at least the first interest is clicked ("B&B Association Registrants") - then click "Save Profile Changes"

Once a recipient has "unsubscribed" from our emailing system, we cannot mail them again unless they "resubscribe" themselves. This is to maintain our strict data protection and permission-based emailing.
We regret that, for that reason, we cannot do this for you ourselves - but it is quick and easy, and of course there is no cost.

If you are a member, do let us know once you have "resubscribed" to the email system, so we can check that our email system has your correct membership status.