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B&Bs and the Burden of Regulations - ITV News, June 2009

The report below was broadcast on ITV evening news on 8th June 2009 - in it, Rob Murphy of ITV Westcountry reports on how small B&Bs are being hit by an ever-increasing burden of regulations.
The report features David Weston, Chief Executive of the Bed & Breakfast Association, and was mainly filmed at The Pheasants, the B&B run by David and his wife Louise in Sherborne in Dorset. Also featured is Annette Cole of Southwest Tourism.

NOTE: The above clip starts after 12 seconds, and lasts 4 minutes.

Video courtesy of ITV Westcountry

Do you have long-term regular family guests?

Melanie Smith is working on an article for the Daily Mirror about families who've been going on holiday together for the past 30 years or so, every year without fail. Do you have any regular guest families like this who would be happy to speak to me about their holidays?

The families would ideally be a couple of generations, with one being a woman in their 20s to early 40s, who'd be happy to provide photos of their holidays over the years, and speak about their family holidays.

If you can help, contact Melanie Smith, Features Writer
T: 0207 963 7247
M: 07870 247895

We want to talk about money...
A message from the BBC:

BBC Television is making a major new documentary series for BBC2 about attitudes to money and wants to speak to people about money.

Do people make assumptions about the income that you are on?

Have you made sacrifices to stay in the property you are in?

Is your lifestyle more modest than your surroundings?

No matter how you feel about your finances, we want to hear from you. We'd like to have an informal chat in confidence over the phone about your spending habits and relationship with money. To find out more about this exciting new series please get in touch in confidence with:
Tara O'Kelly
Telephone: 020 7557 2358

Do you run a B&B or guest house?
or are you planning to buy or start one?

We recognise that if you are planning to buy a B&B or start a B&B business, you will welcome sources of information and support at least as much as, if not more than, those who are already well established.

That is why membership of the Association is open to those at the planning stage. Read more....

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