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Sue and Andrew Burrell

"The Bed & Breakfast Association helped us achieve B&B success within 10 months of opening." Sue Burrell
Read how...

Alastair Sawday

"I can think of no better support system than that provided by the Bed & Breakfast Association."
Alastair Sawday

"I am so impressed by the support and advice that you are providing us. I cannot thank you enough."
TC, member in London

"The Association is a wonderful organisation - keep up the good work!."
AR, member in Cambs

"I do appreciate all you're doing for the B&B industry."
Mrs R, member in Scotland since 2009

"Thanks for all the work you do on our behalf."

"Thank you for all the useful information and support."
PA, Yorkshire, member since 2008

"I am very pleased with the information that you provide."
CT, member since 2012

"I think you and the Association do a very good job on our behalf."
TS, member since 2009

Winners of the Sector Representation Award 2010

Winners of the prestigious
Trade Association Forum
'Sector Representation'
Award 2010


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Membership is open to anyone who owns or manages a B&B in the UK, or who is in the process of planning or buying a B&B. There are many reasons to join, and the cost of your membership is deductible against tax as a business expense.

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"The Bed & Breakfast Association provides information and support to B&B owners,
and it is also a good resource for would-be owners at the research stage."

The Times, 22 Oct 2011

This member wrote to us in July 2014 about the savings she has made as a member:

              "Amazing - the B&B Association really helped me! I saved over 1000 by going to the right
              B&B specialist insurer. When I started out I found the right policy but a year later when my
              previous insurer was taken over by a big multi-national, I needed a further review as they
              amalgamated B&B policy with Hotel policy so the rules were no longer appropriate for
              tiny business like us.
              Yet again the B&B Association's advice helped me so much, so they are really on the pulse with
              good information: I got a deal for 411.00 a year, very helpful for such a small and seasonal

              AP, Norfolk [Joined June 2013]

INCLUDED: subscription to B&B News magazine:

Also gain a FREE subscription to B&B News magazine (previously 35 per annum).

new INCLUDED: eBook worth 9.99:

If you join today, your subscription will also include a FREE eBook, "How to Start & Run a B&B" (2nd edition), originally published by How To Books at 12.99. The eBook is worth 9.99.
The Times book review said: "If you're thinking of buying a B&B or you've just started in it. Solid advice, well written, good, up to date info especially on marketing"

INCLUDED: 40 wine voucher:
If you join us today, you get 40 back straight away against any case of wine of 59.99 or more at 'Naked Wines'.
Save 40 on a 60 case of wine   Save 40 on a 60 case of wine
Valid for NEW customers of Naked Wines only. Customers must be 18 or over. Voucher valid 30 days. The voucher cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer. Valid against any case worth 59.99 or more. Full T&C's are available at

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Make cheque payable to Bed & Breakfast Associaton Ltd.   You can subscribe by cheque (drawn on a UK bank), as follows:

Print off our Membership Application Form ("Word" Document), then send the completed form with a cheque for 60.00 payable to: Bed and Breakfast Association Ltd. to the following address:

          Bed & Breakfast Association
          Belfry House
          Batts Field
          BA10 0DX

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Peace of mind and ease of payment by Direct Debit
Our recommended method of payment is by Direct Debit. It is very easy for you, spreads your costs and also keeps our administrative costs down. You are of course still free to cancel your subscription after a year, or (subject to an administration fee) switch to another payment method later.

We will charge your annual subscription on an equal six-monthly basis - currently 27.50, the equivalent of 55 a year (just 1.06 a week). This is a saving of 5 a year (8.3%) on the standard subscription.

To join now and pay by Direct Debit, simply print off and complete the following two forms:
a) our Membership Application Form ("Word" Document)
b) our Direct Debit Instruction Form ("pdf" Document)

Then send the two completed forms to the following address:

          Bed & Breakfast Association
          Belfry House
          Batts Field
          BA10 0DX

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